Monday, February 28, 2011

Sorry I'm back!! My girls wanna share some of their beauty secrets

Model Cassandra Dawn inspired me to buy this shade of MAC Lipstick in Taupe and "You will look like a 90's supermodel" quoted

 Model Carrie Minter loves Clea De Peau concealer in Oche. And Armani Foundation in Nude.

Model and Makeup Artist Rachel Bernstein Loves Stila's Eyeliner because it's smudge proof and will also stay in your inner lids all day. Rachel's favorite concealer is by Dermacolor Camoflauge cream. It has great coverage and stays put all day.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Pumped About iS Youth Complex

This is the first time I am recommending an eye cream which means that this is the first anti aging cream that I believe actually works.
I received a sample of iS Clinical Youth Complex a couple weeks ago and now I am hooked. This is a new wrinkle cream that is sold exclusively through dermatologists, plastic surgeons (, medi-spas, cosmetic physicians and medical estheticians.

Anyway, I can't say that I saw any immediate results on the first day. I applied the Youth Complex to the wrinkles under my eyes and my smile lines. Things appeared to look the same within a few hours of checking the mirror as they did when I applied the cream. By day two I did notice that the wrinkles under my eyes were appearing to soften a bit. Within a week, it was even more noticeable.

There is no wrinkle cream that will give you miracle results, but as iS Clincial's website says, with repeat use you will see a difference in your skin over time. Of course, if you stop using the product, the plumping action diminishes and those wrinkles come back.
My review in
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Hours – Immediate smoothing occurs when the hyaluronic microspheres  penetrate and nestle within wrinkles. They attract and hold moisture to plump up the wrinkle from within.

– Botanical acids in promote controlled exfoliation, smoothing and refining the surface of the skin, while penetrating bio-nutrients strengthen the bridge between the epidermis and dermis, supporting the skin beneath for a firmer appearance.

Weeks – Long term results are achieved when the proprietary tri-peptide copper growth factors and active botanical extracts in rebuild the dermal structure, continuing to improve and maintain the skin’s youthful appearance.