Monday, July 9, 2012

I'll Give Away Another Secret but It's Bitter Sweet

I want to tell you all about my secret weapon for almost anything! Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar (With the Mother) is what you should buy if you haven't already. It's pretty inexpensive... about $5 a bottle. It lasts me about a month..
Anyway, let's talk about all of the great benefits!!!!! 
"Why do you like it so much, it tastes bad?" I have been asked by a few people. Well, honey the slightly bitterish-sour (yes I made that word up) taste isn't that bad, so stop acting like a baby and just take a shot. 30 Minutes later you will be thanking me when you go and take a nice #2.
But for real this time...back to the good stuff.
Benefits you ask!

Hair: It is widely known that apple cider vinegar can be used as a rinse for your hair after shampooing to add healthy body and shine. Recycle an old shampoo bottle and fill it with 1/2 a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a cup of cold water. Pour through your hair after shampooing several times a week.
Face: Did you know that apple cider vinegar can help regulate the pH of your skin? Dilute apple cider vinegar with two parts water, and spread the concoction over your face with a cotton ball as a toner. Or You can mix into a little water bottle and spray on your face to tone and refresh your skin throughout the day. You can do this at night after washing, and in the morning before you apply your moisturizer. You can also dab apple cider vinegar directly onto age spots and leave them on overnight to lighten their color.
Hands and Feet: Are your hands and feet feeling tired and swollen after a long day? Treat yourself to a personal spa massage by soaking them in a bath tub with Apple Cider Vinegar.
Sunburn: Suffering from a bad sunburn? Add a cup of apple cider vinegar to your bath and soak for 10 minutes.
Teeth: Did you know that apple cider vinegar can help remove stains from teeth? Rub teeth directly with apple cider vinegar and rinse out.
Aftershave: Fill a bottle with equal parts apple cider vinegar and water and shake to blend.
Weight-Loss: For daily weight and pH balance maintenance, add 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to 16 oz of water. Sip this concoction throughout the day.
Detox: Add 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to  1 water bottle. Drink this throughout the day to cleanse your body and kidneys all day long.
Cleaning: Mix 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar with 1 cup water. You can use this concoction to clean microwaves, bathroom tiles, kitchen surfaces, windows, glasses and mirrors. This mixture also works as a disinfectant.
Flea Reduction on pets: Rub apple cider vinegar onto your pet’s skin. Add a little bit of apple cider vinegar to their water. Spray apple cider vinegar, diluted 50 percent with water, onto your pets and onto your furniture to repel the presence of fleas.


  1. Thank you ofr these info. We have to try it.

  2. I believe in using apple cider vinegar too. I just wish there was something we could mix it with so it doesn't taste so horrific.

    1. Thanks for your sharing one of your secrets. Could you please tell me about your skincare? I want to have perfect skin like you.

  3. Thanks Sarita I never knew about this! Will check it out! Xo

  4. Chase it with bolt house carrot juice. Helps take away any intolerable tastes.

  5. Can I drink more than once a day?

  6. what happens if you drink lots of it? :)

  7. How can I get your abs? Do you have a fitness dvd or book?

  8. Ive been taking the Apple Cider for a week now and lost 8lbs. I take 3 shots a day and also drink Yogi Green Slimming tea as well. Do you know if it is safe to do it 3 times? I cant find much research on the subject, most sites say to mix with water and sip throughout the day but I cant stand the taste and its so much easier to take in shots. Please advise. Thank you!

    1. It says right on the bottle 'perfect talen 3 times daily'

  9. Hey i live in the uk can you get that stuff here? X


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