Thursday, December 30, 2010


We view the new year as a fresh beginning since it's the start of a year full of potential and promise. Let's celebrate our surviving the passing year and rejoice in the promise ahead of us. Part of our celebration should be contemplation of what we want to be in the coming year. That is really what the resolution is about—what we want to become. It is our vision the new and improved self.

I love this quote:"Good habits are hard to develop but easy to live with" and "Bad habits are easy to develop but hard to live with". 

I read that a bad habit takes at least 21 days. Of course, in difficult cases, it can take as long as a year. Here's an example of the process of how to change an unhealthy habit to a healthy habit. 

Habits are remarkable because they don't require thinking. You just "do it" for years until you find yourself changing the habit again.

Here are 5 easy steps for changing habits:

1. Awareness: You must become aware of your habits. What is this habit exactly? How is this bad habit or group of bad habits affecting you? How is this habit affecting others? For example, smoking often has negative effects on others as well as on you.

2. Wanting to Change: As someone with a health problem, you must decide that breaking bad habits through a conscious effort is a worthy goal. You must convince yourself that the change in the habit is worth the effort involved.

3. Commitment: You must be determined to do whatever it takes for breaking bad habits so that you can better control your life. You make a decision that "no matter what" you will change the habit. You do the work required to stop. 

4. Consistent Action: It is important to focus on changing just one habit at a time. Then, take consistent daily actions for breaking the bad habit that has been causing problems and take the actions to develop a new one. We suggest doing this process one step at a time rather than trying to do it all at once. It is about being consistent every day.

5. Perseverance: There will be times when you question whether it is all worth it. You'll say to yourself that breaking these bad habits is too difficult; that you are too "weak" to change. Your old self, often so comfortable living with the bad habits, is trying to hold on. Breaking your old patterns may require meditation and prayer.
Visualize regularly the rewards for following through and the costs of not following through on breaking the bad habits and especially the value to your future of building new better habits.

Monday, December 27, 2010

My Makeup Routine

Some of  you asked if  I could tell you what makeup I wear, so here it is. This would be an average day of going to an audition or to a meeting.

My new fave Loreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara in Black

I like to use Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer as an eyeshadow.

I line the inside of my upper lid with Le Crayon Khol in Black Coffee

For my lips I use Clinique Lipstick in Creamy Nude
 -I wear Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer-Oil Free in Nude
I apply with a foundation brush.
Bobby Brown concealer in Bisque for under my eyes
Shu Umera Eyelash Curler is the Best!!

I like to add in a little of MAC Bronze eyeshadow

Benefit's Dandelion Blush

and Nars in Orgasm

My NEW FAVORITE Mascara: Loreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara

I pulled this out of my stocking from Santa AKA my mommy and was so excited to try it. Mostly because I ran out of mascara so you know, I didn't really have any expectations about this mascara. Especially since drug store mascaras are hit or miss....
So here's my review of Loreal  Extra Volume Collagen Mascara:
The brush is what really gets in there and makes my lashes full and long. It's so lame when it only makes your lashes long and spaced out...not attractive. On the box it says 12x the impact and I say sure, fine, whatever you say...actually can we agree on 4x the impact? 
Being that I wear contacts I was happy that the mascara didn't flake or irritate my eyes. The best part is that it doesn't leave your lashes hard and crunchy. 
I would definitely recommend this mascara. The fact that its $7.95 means everyone should go out and buy one :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Megan Fox For Armani Cosmetics

I love the dreamy lighting. What do you think?

Cute Gift Tarina Tarantino Eyeshadow Palette

I saw this Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity at Sephora while Christmas shopping and wanted to buy it for myself, but I promised to only buy for others.... So why not talk about it on here? The Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Eyeshadow Palette is in stock and looks all kinda of gorgeous. Look at how adorable the packaging is.
Let’s take a look!

Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Eyeshadow Palette $39
Shades Included:
  • Twinkling Topaz (shimmering golden mustard)
  • Fringe (shimmery coffee brown)
  • Brooch (dark chocolate with gold and green micro glitter)
  • Rosette (shimmery fleshy pin)

Cinnamon the Beauty Spice and More

I have always loved the smell of cinnamon especially around the holidays, but I didn't even know how good cinnamon is for you! I was curious to learn more about the health benefits from this lovely spice.

I would like to share with you some of my research I found about cinnamon and hopefully you will find this information useful. Also, the typical cinnamon you buy in grocery stores is NOT the “true” cinnamon that has the benefits of lowering blood sugar and triglycerides. Most cinnamon comes from cassia, a cheaper version grown in Indonesia. It’s not the stuff on your typical spice rack. So, if you want to get the health benefits of cinnamon, make sure to buy the right stuff.
  • Plumping Fine Lines. cinnamon brings blood to the surface of the skin causing minor plumping. Mix 3 drops of cinnamon oil with 2 tablespoons of Vaseline or Olive oil and apply to fine lines to plump out the skin.
  • Lip Plumper. Add a few drops of cinnamon oil to your favorite lip gloss to get a pouty look.
  • Acne Treatment. Cinnamon can help rid your face or back of acne by both drying out the skin and, again, bringing blood and oxygen to the skin surface. Mix 3 tbsp. of honey with 1 tbsp. of cinnamon and apply the paste to pimples and leave on overnight. Or apply a thin layer to the face as a mask and leave on for about 20 minutes before rinsing with warm water. Cinnamon masks can irritate the skin, so they should not be applied more than once a week. 
  • Lowers Cholesterol. Having just a 1/2 of teaspoon of cinnamon a day can lower your cholesterol.
  • Colds. Taking 2 tablespoons of cinnamon with 3 tablespoon of honey can cure most cold and sinus infection in 3 days.
  • Memory. Doctors have performed studies that show that just smelling cinnamon improves our memory.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What Your Face is Trying to Tell You

Something that really interests me is Chinese Facial Diagnosis. Basically, the Chinese believe that the face is a map of the body, and any unbalance or illness inside will show up on the face in forms of breakouts, redness, heat etc. It doesn’t necessarily mean that there is something wrong, just that there is disharmony within that particular organ. The Chinese think our body as a whole, almost like an orchestra, meaning that if one ‘instrument’ is playing out of tune, then it will affect the whole sound – the face is seen as an indictor of this.

According to Eastern medicine, we have invisible energy flowing through us (chi) and meridians are different points throughout the body that connect this flow to keep it running smoothly (they are also the points that acupuncturists use). For a truly healthy energy, the chi must be able to flow freely through the meridian network and any blockages in between these points can cause a strain upon all the connected organs.

Whether you believe this concept or not, I hope you find this interesting and helpful. No beauty product can help you if your insides are unhealthy.

Zones 1 and 3 represent your digestion and bladder. If you have breakouts in this area perhaps there is a bladder infection or a problem with digestion. If this area is dry then the bladder is overworked and you should drink more water

Zone 2 is the liver. Often breakouts will appear here if you have been over indulging in rich food and drink. It could also be that you are eating too much animal fat or dairy products which the liver finds hard to digest.

Zones 4 and 10 are the ears and they represent the kidneys. If your ears are redder than your face then this could mean that you are overworking your adrenal glands which work very closely with your kidneys.

Zones 5 and 9 are the lungs, gums, and teeth. Either side of the nose represents the lungs and if they feel puffy, that may suggest allergies or a cold. The gums and teeth are the outside part of the cheek so if you are breaking out in this area it's a good indicator that you should visit the dentist! Breakouts around the nostrils and lower cheek could mean that you are eating too many dairy products which produce a lot of mucus and congestion.

Zones 6 and 8 are the eyes and they represent the kidneys and liver. Dark circles and puffiness means you are not flushing all of the toxins out of your body. If they are inherited then it's just bad luck. Cutting down on caffeine and increasing water intake will help a lot.

Zone 7 is the heart and the upper lip represents the reproductive area. Someone who has high blood pressure probably has a red nose. If there is pigmentation on the upper lip it could indicate hormone imbalance from the pill or pregnancy.

Zones 11 and 13 are the ovaries. Depending on what side you breakout can indicate which side you are ovulating from. Normally women break out in this area when they are on their period. If it is more of a continual thing than it could be a sign of an ongoing problem.

Zone 12 represents the small intestine. Problems here suggest there are issues getting rid of waste from the body. When you change your diet this is often where breakouts can occur.

Zone 14 The neck and jaw, represent the adrenal glands. You may experience breakouts here when you are your period.You can also get breakouts in this area from being too stressed.