Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Love You Olive Oil

 On winter days when your daily moisturizer isn’t cutting it, olive oil can heal dry, itchy skin. If you’re attending an event, but don’t have time for a visit to the nail salon, smearing olive oil on your cuticles will make ragged nails presentable. Also, if you lips are dry, dab some Olive Oil on your lips before bed, I promise when you wake up they will so be so soft and moisturized. Lastly, olive oil can remove makeup! At a cheaper price than most moisturizers and makeup removers, this might need to go from your kitchen cabinet to your bathroom cabinet.


  1. I can't wait to try this! Great tip Sarah, I love your blog

  2. ohhhh the a make up artist and someone who loves make up ...i go threw so many trial and error buys ..its sucks when u get something i dont like..or end up useing.. you have a great eye and great taste to share make me wanna go shoping

  3. Sarah I love your blog!! I will be looking at it often for sure!! So many great tips!!! You def know beauty!!!


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