Friday, November 19, 2010

So you want smokey eyes?


Favorite Bronze Eyeshadow Colors: Nars Eyeshadow Duo in Surabaya

What You Need:

  • A dark (black or brown)  pencil A medium-toned colour for your eyelids.
  • A light colour for highlighting and for blending.
  • An eyelash curler and black mascara.
  • A large eyeshadow brush, a medium eyeshadow brush and an angle brush.

Creating the Look

  1. Using your medium eyeshadow brush apply your medium-toned colour to the lid, working it up to (but not beyond the crease). To achieve the soft, layered look, start with a little product and build to it, blending as you go.
  2. With your dark pencil, line your upper lashline. If you choose to use a pencil, make sure it's soft, and use an angle brush to blend the line down into the lashline and out and up. If you use an eyeshadow, blend the colour down into the lashline and up towards the crease.
  3. Line the inside of your eyelids with eyeliner. Make sure to line both the top and bottom and blend it into the lashline.
  4. Using your large eyeshadow brush, apply your highlighter colour to your browbone and onto the inner corners of your eyes. If you'd like to soften your look, blend your light colour onto your eyelids. It'll soften and lighten the entire effect.


  1. Thx for telling me how to do it!!

  2. Great post Sarah! Thanks for sharing-

    xo- Tiffany @ delightfully chic


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